Geiranger Fjord "Elements"

"Elements" at Geiranger Fjord

Projection mapping of my "Elements" series during the Geiranger Fjord Light Festival in 2021 & 2022.
Fire, Water and Ether visuals projected onto the rocks of this magical place.

Artwork: Philipp Frank
Photography: Hyke Studio, Dagfinn Johansen
Production: Fjord Studio & Geirangerfjord World Heritage Foundation
 Geiranger Fjord UNESCO site/Norway
Year: 2021 & 2022

Rocks and waterfall with a blue projection mapping at geiranger fjord light festival
Rocks and a waterfall with a video-mapping installation showing fire and lava visuals
Light art Festival Geiranger Fjord
A video mapping show with blue color projected onto rocks
Video art projection with fire visuals on a waterfall and rocks
Red lava visuals video projection onto rocks near a waterfall at Geiranger Fjord
Video-mapping in nature on rocks and waterfall with beautiful blue color visuals


CHU - LIQUID STATESLand art projection mapping show

GEIRANGER FJORD ELEMENTSLand Art Projection Mapping Show

FUNKY FUNGHYProjection mapping in Nature

ROCK LIGHTSNature Art Projection Mapping

ELEMENTS - Short MovieProjection Mapping Movie


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