Nice to meet You!

I was born in the late '70s and grew up in Paris and Munich. My creative journey started in the early '90s when I began to write graffiti. That triggered a passion for photography and filming. Followed by a Master degree in communication design and 15 years as Art Director and Illustrator in the Creative Industry.

Specialized in site-specific works. From video art installations, LED light objects to immersive 360º shows. I have collaborated and created artworks for Museums, Events and Movies. As well for Music, Sports and Fashion industry.
My works are influenced by nature, geometry, and my interest of understanding the universe. I do what I love and love what I do. 
To say it with Kahlil Gibran's words: "Work is love made visible".

I am available worldwide to bring some light into the dark.
For inquiries please send me an e-mail or contact my Studio LUMATAR.

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