CHU - Liquid States

Land Art Projection Mapping Show

CHU is an audiovisual land art projection-mapping-show.
Created for Asia's highest land-art exhibition: Saladakh. The 8 min. long Show was performed twice.
On a rock structure, next to the city of Leh and in the remote area of Suru Valley. 

„Light particles hitting metamorphic rocks, granite and lichen. Fluid shapes, flickers and waves flow over the harsh solid surface. (Internationally acclaimed) German light artist Philipp Frank’s work titled ‘Liquid States’ invites us into an unknown and unseen world. His waves of light cover the Himalayan landscape like a comfortable liquid blanket. The waves resemble water. Something elusive in this 50 million-year-old mountainous superstructure, just as Philipp’s artwork itself. With this captivating artwork, Philipp reflects on the increasing water scarcity and our specie's universal dependence on it in a high altitude realm.“

Artwork: Philipp Frank | Music: Sebastian Barnet Fuchs | Exhibition: Saladakh
 Leh and Suru Valley in Ladakh/India| Year: 2023

Land art projection mapping artwork on a rock with blue visuals  in a nightly mountain scenery
Himalaya-Landscape Photographer Philipp Frank
Land art projection mapping show. Blue abstract visuals in the Himalayan landscape
Land art projection mapping artwork on a rock with blue visuals in the Himalaya
Land art projection mapping on a rock in the Himalayan landscape


CHU - LIQUID STATESLand art projection mapping show

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