Funky Funghy

Mushroom Micro Mapping

Series of video projections on Mushrooms.
Check out a making off video of the project here: Instagram

Location: Hofoldinger Forest near Munich/Germany
Year: 2018 - 2022

Video light art projected onto a mushroom in a forest with red orange fire visuals
Video mapping in a forest on three Mushrooms with red geometric visuals
Video projection on a beautiful mushroom with red and lila visuals
Group of mushrooms in a forest
Video installation on two mushrooms with mesmerizing orange visuals
Video projection with blue geometric visuals on a Mushroom
Video projection on a mushroom with violett mesmerizing dots in a forest by Nature Artist Philipp Frank
Video projection on a group of Mushrooms. Blue geometric visuals
Video with blue geometric pattern projected onto a Mushroom in a forest
Art on a group of mushrooms in a forest with white dot visuals


CHU - LIQUID STATESLand art projection mapping show

GEIRANGER FJORD ELEMENTSLand Art Projection Mapping Show

FUNKY FUNGHYProjection mapping in Nature

ROCK LIGHTSNature Art Projection Mapping

ELEMENTS - Short MovieProjection Mapping Movie


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