Forest Portals

Forest Portals. Limited NFT Edition
The forest portal collection is a mixed reality 3D series. Consisting of 7 looped video works, in 4K. My very first digital-only series, exclusively available on OpenSea. The series explores the platonic-solid as Portals to connect with Nature.
The first three works will be released on June 19th, 2021, at 11:11 AM/CET. During the very first NFT exhibition, taking place in Moscow. Curated by Collab Art Moment

Limited NFT Edition 1/1
7 video artworks, 30 seconds each. Looped in 4K
Purchase here at OpenSea

Image of a geometric circle in a forest-3d digital video artwork-nft
Image of a triangle in a forest-3d digital video artwork-nft
Image of a hexahedron in a forest-3d digital video artwork-nft

Selected Works

Rock LightsNature Art Projection Mapping

Forest PortalsNFT Video Art

Metimotus - Projection Mapping MuralStreet Art Projection Mapping Mural

Trinity - Immersive Videomapping ShowImmersive audiovisual show

EquilibriumLED Light Art Installation

Message from the ForestNew Media Art Installation

Portal :22::22:Projection Mural

Light TunnelLightart and Painting

Neuland - Immersive 360 ShowImmersive 360 Audiovisual Show