Forest Portals

The forest portal collection is a mixed reality 3D series. Consisting of 3 looped video works, in 4K.
My very first digital-only series, exclusively available on OpenSea.
The series explores the platonic-solid as Portals to connect with Nature.
The works will be released on June 19th, 2021, at 11:11 AM/CET.
During the very first NFT exhibition, taking place in Moscow. Curated by Collab Art Moment

Edition: Limited NFT Edition 1/1
3 video artworks, 30 seconds each. Looped in 4K
Purchase here at OpenSea

Image of a triangle in a forest-3d digital video artwork-nft
Image of a hexahedron in a forest-3d digital video artwork-nft

Selected Projects

ROCK LIGHTSNature Art Projection Mapping

ELEMENTS - Short MovieProjection Mapping Movie

WAVES OF LIGHTNew Media Art Installation

METIMOTUSStreet Art Projection Mapping Mural

MYCELIUM NETWORKNew Media Art Installation

EQUILIBRIUMLight Art Installation

MESSAGE FROM THE FORESTNew Media Art Installation

TRINITYImmersive audiovisual show

PORTAL 22:22Projection Mural

LIGHT MURALLightart and Painting

NEULANDImmersive 360 Audiovisual Show


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