Destination unknown - a autumn biketrip.

Munich, end of october, 11.30 am, 7 degrees, drizzling rain. Not the ideal conditions for a roadtrip. But since I bought my Ducati Scrambler only some months ago, this was the first opportunity this year. Packed a few clothes, my camera and headed westwards. No schedule, just ride, shoot cinemagraphs and go with the flow. Destination unknown.

Quickly i realized this was going to be a tough experience. After 400 freezing and wet kilometers I found shelter for the first night at Lichtquell Haus in the Schwarzwald area. Unable to feel my body anymore, i was constantly thinking about giving up and turning back home. But as the next morning welcomed me with sunshine, i decided to continue the journey.

Twisty roads, mountains, sand paths and highways led my way trough Switzerland and France. Stopping in Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, Bordeaux, Toulouse and some smal places along the atlantik coast. Almost no other Bikers around. Every evening the temperatures reminded me why.

But this was not longer of any importance. I got addicted to ride. Stopping only to shoot cinemagraphs, eating and sleep. Just moving forward, right here, right now. Feeling alive.

10 days and 3965 kilometers later i was exhausted but happy back home.
The uncertainity gave me more self confidence. The cold opened my heart. And every new kilometer strenghtened my mind.
So grateful for this experience. I love my Bike.

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Schluchsee, Schwarzwald, Germany

Bordeaux, France

Viaduc de Milau, France

Toulouse - Canal du midi, France

Mimizan, Atlantik, France

Le Cap Ferret, France

Atlantikwall dunes, France